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“Chubz to Fit”  is the expression that I use to describe my weight loss journey from chubby to fit and healthy. It is what other people call the “Fat to Fit” transformation. For me I like to think myself as “chubby”. (Lol)

Although, I am just now beginning my Chubs-to Fit journey, it is not the first time that I have attempted to go on a diet and lose weight. I mean what haven’t I try ?! I tried juicing, low-carb diet, protein only diet, and I would hit the gym on and off again and again.


I cannot count the amount of times that I have tried and tried but failed. I started to feel discouraged and powerless when it came to managing my weight. But then I had an awakening moment as  I was listening to my daily motivational podcast.

I realized I haven’t been successful at loosing this extra weight because of my lack of discipline and consistency. I  get so caught with wanting to see immediate results and when I don’t notice that change that envisioned, then I go back to my old bad eating habits, and non-active life.

But Now, I am more than determined. I am planning and being strategic about this fitness goal of mine. I will be documenting everything that I do for my chubz to fit journey. You will see my meals, my workout plan, my before and after pictures, my even my ups and downs during these promising months.

If you are looking to lose more than 20 lbs (10 kg), you should contact me on Instagram: @ms.goldensoso . Let’s support each other !

Let’s make this happen, Let’s be Golden Ladies