Holiday Blog Giveaway

This Christmas giveaway is way for me to show my appreciation to you my Golden & Faithful readers . Thank for your support throughout this year. I really am thankful. Find out what you can win for yourself or a loved one… Happy Holidays !

Reality Check

By definition a reality check is “an occasion on which one is reminded of the state of things in the real world.” Well I think I had several of them in just one week !  Up until Thursday everything seemed normal, I would go about my normal day routines and wine down, study in the…

What I Would Tell my 8-Year old Self !

What advice would I give to my 8-yeard self ? I’ve been thinking about this lately.  After weeks of soul searching and self-reflection. I think I know what I would tell my sweet innocent 8-year old self. But first, let me tell you why I chose 8 instead 16 or any other teen age years….

Balance Your Life!

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, checking what’s new out there, I came across a former co-worker picture with a caption that says “It’s never all work and it’s never all play.” I myself had just came back from a  4-day staycation where I totally let myself “play hard”. By nature I am…

Be Good to Yourself (BGTY)

What better way to be good to yourself other than taking a day off  to pamper yourself and maximize your body and mind relaxation.  Here are a few tips to start your BGTY day. Of course each day should start with gratitude, or prayer to thank GOD for the new day He just granted you….