About Sonia Francine

Instagram: @ms.goldensoso

 Sonia Francine is an Authentic Blogger, YouTube Content Creator. Her mission is to inspire young girls and women to Be Confident, Authentic, and cultivate the best version of themselves through healing, and self-love.

Her passion for Women Empowerment and personal development drove her to create a successful YouTube channel and Blog where she shares her advice & opinions on different matter that affect women’s lives.

Sonia also provides great advice on relationships, family, friendships, career and more. You can contact her if you are looking for clarity and answers or just a unique perspective on your problems. She does in the most private fashion to protect your privacy and identity.  She is also an avid philanthropist; giving back to people is an important of her life.  Check out her YouTube channel here and if you like it,  Subscribe! Join the #GoldenSistas


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