About Sonia

My goal is to empower young girls and women who had difficulties valuing & accepting herself, being confident. Because I was once that young girl who struggled with low self-esteem, I know what is like to feel worthless and empty.


As I began my journey in the pursuit of happiness, I realized that a lot of the things I seeking had to come from me. I was looking for love, not knowing I had to love myself first; looking for happiness in material things, not knowing that I had find it within myself.


Anyway  Girl,  long story short, I learned and I am continuing to learn a lot things about myself &life and I am hoping to pass this knowledge to all my Golden Sisters who need sound advice.




My YouTube Channel has great videos where talk about different topics such as women self-care, motivation, self-love, and even skin & hair care. I post videos every week in French and English. Yes Girl both Languages !


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Let’s Grow together and Be Golden Women !