5 Millennial Black Women Who Will Inspire You to Be Better & Do Better

Hi Golden Peeps!

Last week, as I was reminiscing on how much I evolved this year,I realized that I could not have done it alone. I recognized the support of my family, friends and partner played a major role in it. I also had to acknowledge the wonderful ladies who I’ve been following for a long time via Instagram or other online platforms; and who participated in my self-improvement. These women’ essence, powerful message & contents will inspire you to cultivate the best version of yourself. Trust me! 

1. Sarah Jakes Roberts

Instagram Photo: @sarahjakesroberts

Mrs. Jakes Roberts is an Author & Pastor at the Potter’s House of One Church LA . I first discovered her through her Web-series called “Once Lost & Now Found.” I heard her speak and we became best friend! (In my mind)Sarah’s transparency is what resonates with so many people. She is very open about her experience of being a mother at a very young age, being lost in that journey and finally finding her path through God. If you need healing, I suggest your watch her Sunday preaching or read some of her books.It’s amazing! And can we talk about this woman fashion style? I mean, bestie slays all the time! lol 

2. Ayana Iman

Instagram Photo: @ayanaiman

Certified Life Coach, Speaker & Author, Ayana is devoted to serving the people of her community.  She founded #AuthenticConvos to bring people together and encourage face to face communication about things that matters such as self- love, healing, business ventures, just to name a few. I myself have attended the events a few times. I can tell you that her events are so resourceful, the energy is great; you go home feeling empowered.Her Tuesday night Instagram live is great for anyone who has questions about relationships, career, family & friendships. She will give you a unique perspective on the matter. Ayana reallygives the best advice. Oh and did I mention that She is a Jersey Gal?! Now Y’all know I had to shout her out!

3. Frantzcesca Casimir

Instagram Photo: @fancy85fit

U.S Army active, Fitness Coach, and Creator of Fancy- Fit. I came across her w orkout videos on Instagram and I was hooked ever since. Frantzcesca’s go getter mentality will push you to challenge yourself, build self-control and discipline if you want to get fit.If you ever need a little push to workout, just go to her Instagram page, you will have all the motivation you need.  Trust me, watching her lifting & killing those squats will have you like “ok let me get my life together”.  Frantzcesca also offers fitness programs & meal plans.

4. Sherrie Silver

Instagram Photo: @sherriesilver

Choreographer, Afro-Dance coach, Sherrie uses her platform to educate people on African dances. She teaches Afro-dance all over the world. I am sure we all can learn a few dance steps from her! Her tickets sell out very fast.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found out about her philanthropic efforts and achievements in Rwanda. Sherrie has helped number of homeless children find shelter, and she recently opened a vocational center for women in Kigali. For me, she is the embodiment of talent & hard work.  One thing I learned from her, you can be successful at anything if you take  active steps to get where you want to be.

5. SisiYemi (OluwaYemisi)

Instagram Photo: @sisi_yemi

Nigerian Food & Lifestyle Blogger, Yemisi shares bits of family life. I witnessed her growth as an Online Content Creator. Sisi Yemi’s perseverance inspires me to keep going as a Blogger. She reminds me that in end hard work always pays off. The great thing about her is that she stayed a humbled and grounded person even with the huge online success.  Oh and if you are interested in learning how to make some Nigerian dishes, her Blog/YouTube channel is the perfect platform to learn it from.

Now tell me , who are the 5 Millennial Women who inspire you to be great?

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 Author: Sonia Francine


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