What I Would Tell my 8-Year old Self !

What advice would I give to my 8-yeard self ? I’ve been thinking about this lately.  After weeks of soul searching and self-reflection. I think I know what I would tell my sweet innocent 8-year old self.

But first, let me tell you why I chose 8 instead 16 or any other teen age years. I chose because at that point I was still innocent, unbothered, I barely knew what life was about, all I used to do is eat, sleep, go to school, come back home and play with my one-legged dolls or my struggling dining sets.  At 8 years old, I was sweet, full of life, “very talkative” as my Dad would often say and ambitious.

But little did I know that the following year, things would completely change as a result of me moving back to the country I was born in (France). When I first moved there, things were Ok; no complaints. 1 year after my arrival, I started experiencing things such as bullying, emotional & physical abuse, rejection, Body-shaming, fat-shaming, just to name a few.

At the time, I did not know how to explain what I was experiencing but deep down I knew something wasn’t right. Or should I say I thought something was wrong with me! From that point on I started engaging in self-hate behavior. I carried deep insecurities and a low-self esteem from 9 years of age to my early 20s until I got tired of not liking the girl I was.

So now that I look back,

Here are 6 advice I would give my beautiful 8-year old self:

You are Not a mistake Baby Girl! often times, people would to make you feel like something is wrong with you, that you are not enough. I want you to know that you are not a mistake. God chose you and brought you to life through the wonderful people you call “parents” today.

Never Doubt-Yourself or Your intelligence!  I know you’ve been told that you will never amount to anything and that you would be selling tomatoes and corn on the roadsides. But hear me out,  You are intelligent, You are creative, Your potential is endless, and so are your opportunities. Keep the Faith, God Got you girl!

You Are Unique!  “Nothing is like you, Nothing was like you, there shall be Nothing like you.” Be proud of your unique features, Be proud of where you are from. Celebrate your wide hips, your wide nose, your brown skin, your not-so aligned teeth. Don’t hide those things because they make you YOU.

Don’t be Afraid of the Unknown! Life is like a book, once you wrote the first chapter, you gotta write the second chapter, and the 3rd and so forth. Friendships and relationships that are meant to be, will last. It is simple! Change can be a good thing sometimes, it helps you improve and reinvent yourself.

Love Yourself ! You deserve love, care, and respect; and the first person you should be receiving those things from is yourself. Nurture yourself with kind words, compliments, self-encouragement, self-celebration. Speak highly of yourself, after all You Are Worthy !

Another thing I would also tell my younger self, is to understand that there are nothing mistakes. Everything happens for a reason, and later you will understand why you went through those difficult times and how it all contributed to who you are today.

So what would you tell your 8 year self ? Comment Below. I would love to read you.

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