Be Good to Yourself (BGTY)

What better way to be good to yourself other than taking a day off  to pamper yourself and maximize your body and mind relaxation.  Here are a few tips to start your BGTY day. Of course each day should start with gratitude, or prayer to thank GOD for the new day He just granted you.

Start with a Morning Tea

Choose your favorite flavor although I recommend Green Tea or Raspberry Leaf tea to kick start your day and benefit from its wonderful health properties.

Tea and consent


Add a Calming Music 

While you are enjoying your tea, add a calming music in the background.  My favorite artists to listen when I need that relaxed sensation are Jill Scott, Ledisi, Fantasia. Don’t be ashamed to listen to old school songs too. Jill Scott album from 2000 gives me life even now 2017.



Reading and Journaling

Inspirational books are essentials. You get to learn while treating yourself. I am currently reading Before You do by TD Jakes and The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae. Although I can’t help but wonder why I read 2 books at the same time. Am I the only one who does that?

Journaling is also a great thing to de-clutter your mind. You can write anything that crosses your mind or ideas that you have been thinking about but didn’t write down yet. Oh yes, don’t forget to light up a scented to candle to officialize your BGTY day.




Cook Yourself a  Restaurant Style Meal

What is a BGTY without food. Some prefer to order and have it deliver but I encourage to cook it yourself and at least try. There are many tutorials out there on how to cook. Make sure to make an outstanding food presentation like in restaurants.



And there you have it ! A day well spent, relaxing, meditating, and reflecting.

What are your favorite relaxing essentials? bgty


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